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Clinical Nutrition in Wichita

Busy, high-paced lifestyles and the standard American diet produce “gaps” in our body’s ability to repair, re-build, regenerate and regulate our immune and nervous system function. Many of us, despite our best efforts, lack the vital nutrients that produce optimal wellness.

Salad with apple and nutsChiropractic and Nutrition

When you become a patient in our office, our goal is to get you on the path to wellness. We’re here to support you on your journey toward that worthy goal, and our years of research help to make this goal a reality.

Optimal health is multi-faceted, and one of the most vital links is customized nutrition. Chiropractic and nutrition go hand-in-hand, and when you’re having an issue, we want to know what else can be done to speed up your body’s ability to quickly adapt and heal.

Our Whole Food Approach

We didn’t re-invent the wheel; we know through experience that a whole food approach is often the perfect partner to skillful chiropractic care. Moderation is also critical, whether it pertains to the use of sugar, alcohol or processed foods.

Whole foods are foods that are as close to nature as possible. These are the most enzymatically active and nutrient dense foods, which give the body the building blocks it needs to heal, repair and self-regulate.

Here are our suggestions as to what to avoid:

  • Processed food (boxed food in particular)
  • Food that requires a magnifying glass in order to read the long list of ingredients
  • Refined food
  • Man-made food

Woman pouring out supplementsStandard Process Nutrients

We work with one of the finest companies in the world, Standard Process. This nutritional team has been in existence for almost a century, and is the #1 choice for those that demand the best in whole food supplementation. Their protocols are well-researched and effective in giving the body the building blocks it needs to heal, repair and self-regulate in a natural manner.

We’re passionate about the role we play in restoring health and function to our patients. Do you have questions as to how we can be of service? We offer complimentary consultations to determine if we can be the right fit for you and accept most insurance. Contact Good Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture today, we’re ready to help!


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